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Pupils’ Council


Pupils’ Council

Pupils’ Council is elected at RTC Vocational School every year in October. All Riga Technical College Vocational School pupils are eligible to elect the Council as well as any 2nd or 3rd Year pupil may be elected.

Five pupils are involved in the operation of Pupils’ Council.

The structure of the Pupils’ Council is as follows:


sport sector

study sector

 culture and dorms sector

Pupils’ Council task is to form a connection between college administration and pupils.

It also organises various events in cooperation with Students’ Council. Christmas parties and St. Valentine’s Day celebration with a post have already become a tradition.

One of the tasks of the Pupils’ Council is to attract sponsors for improving RTC facilities.

Pupils’ and Students’ Councils summon meeting every first and last Monday. Every pupil or teacher may discuss their problems and make proposals to Pupils’ Council representatives

We are always ready to cooperate and help!