Electrical Equipment

 Electrical Equipment Specialist

 Study program

Electrical Equipment

Program code



Until June 06, 2019.

The order of the accreditation committee No 3422 on November 4, 2009

Location of studies

16 Braslas Street


Information Technologies and Communications

Head of department 

Contact information

Study program director

Diana Berzina

16 Braslas street, Room 220

Phone: 67081427  [email protected]

Juris Silarajs

16 Braslas street, Room 105

Phone: 67081416  [email protected]

Acquired qualification

Electrical equipment specialist

Credit points


Education prerequisites

Secondary general or secondary vocational education

Program implementation form

Full-time or part-time

Duration of studies

2.5 to 3 years

Tuition fee

Full-time tuition fee is covered from the state budget or by students. Part-time tuition fee is paid by students only.

The document to certify the acquired education

Diploma of the 1st level of higher professional education

Job description

Electrical equipment specialists are employed by energy supply companies, manufacturing facilities with the developed electrical infrastructure, agricultural production and processing enterprises, state and public institutions.  The activities are performed with the voltage up to 20 kV, including maintenanceand installation, management, planning, organisation and supervision of these activities executed by subordinates as well as electrical equipment projects design and implementation if required.