Nakotnes prakse


 Telecommunications Specialist

Study program


Program code

41 523


Until June 06, 2019.

The order of the accreditation committee No 3519 on September 15, 2010.  The term of accreditation has been extended until December 31, 2021.

Location of studies

16 Braslas Street


Information Technologies and Communications

Head of department


Contact information

Diana Berzina

16 Braslas Street, Room 220

Phone: +371 67081427

Study program director



Acquired qualification


Telecommunications Specialist

Credit points


Education prerequisites

Secondary general or secondary vocational education

Program implementation form

Full-time or part-time

Duration of studies

2.5 to 3 years

Tuition fee

Full-time tuition fee is covered from the state budget or by students. Part-time tuition fee is paid by students only.

The document to certify the acquired education

Diploma of the 1st level of higher professional education

Job description

Secondary general or secondary vocational education


Telecommunication specialists conduct various technical tasks related to telecommunication equipment, prepare technical drawings of telecommunication schemes considering effective instructions, calculate raw materials and work estimates for installing telecommunication equipment, provide technical support in using, monitoring and repairing telecommunication systems to provide their relevant operation and compliance with effective standards and regulations. They also apply technical telecommunication principles and practical skills solving issues arising in the process of work and manage other employees.