Nakotnes prakse

Computer Systems

 Computer Systems Technician

Educational program

Computer systems

Program code

33 481 01 1


Until June 7, 30.05.2024,
AP 5390

Location of studies

16 Braslas Street


Information Technologies and Communications

Head of department

Diana Berzina

Head of department contact information

16 Braslas Street, Room 220

Phone: +371 67081427

Acquired qualification

Computer systems technician

Education prerequisites

Basic education, 9 classes

Language of instruction


Program implementation form

Full-time day department

Duration of studies

4 years

The document to certify the acquired education

Diploma of the secondary vocational education

Job description

Computer systems technicians work in small organizations or with individual users, where they consult them regarding operations with hardware, software, office equipment as well as set up, configure, diagnose and modernize hardware, simple computer networks and software, prevent errors in its operations.

They also freely manage office applications for preparing documentation, estimate tables and user work process automation, design and maintain simple databases and web pages. They are able to work independently or as a part of a team.

Specific skills in the profession

- To set up and configure computer hardware;
- To diagnose and prevent errors in hardware operations;
- To add or change hardware components;
- To design and configure for use simple LAN;
- To connect and configure a computer for use in the Internet;
- To diagnose and prevent errors in computer networks operation;
- To install and configure software;
- To diagnose and prevent errors in software operation;
- To document hardware and software installed on it;
- To consult users in person and remotely (on the phone or by e-mail);
- To use Office software in an integrated way;
- To design and maintain simple databases;
- To design and maintain simple webpages;
- To consider security in computer systems operation;
- To consider security in simple LAN and the Internet operation;

Further education in the specialty



Special requirements in the specialty

Previous knowledge in computer studies is preferable