Electronics Technician

Educational program


Program code



Until June 7, 2018.

Location of studies

16 Braslas Street


Information Technologies and Communications

Head of department

Diana Berzina

Head of department contact information

16 Braslas Street, Room 220
Phone: 67081427

[email protected]

Acquired qualification

Electronics technician

Education prerequisites

Basic education, 9 classes

Language of instruction


Program implementation form

Full-time day department

Duration of studies

4 years

The document to certify the acquired education

Diploma of the secondary vocational education

Job description

Electronics technicians are involved in the work with electronic equipment production, sales, maintenance, repair, adjustment, installation, control and measurement equipment operation.

Specific skills in the profession

- To prepare the basis and components for installation;
- To work with preparation and installation technological equipment;
- To apply electronic tools and measurement equipment;
- To assemble and install electronic equipment;
- To detect and repair damage of electronic equipment;
- To perform cable installation and detect damage;
- To install alarm systems in cars and in household sites;
- To select appropriate electronic equipment modes to protect against overloads and be able to use protective methods;
- To apply latest technologies in electronic equipment production and diagnostics;
- To operate with electronic equipment construction, technological and maintenance documentation.

Further education in the specialty


Special requirements in the specialty

Good knowledge of physics and mathematics