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Nakotnes prakse


 Mechatronic Systems Technician

Educational program


Program code

33 521 06 1


AP-5803, Until 30.05.2024.

Location of studies

3 Ledmanes Street


Automotive Transport and Production Technologies

Head of department

Anda Kazusa

Head of department contact information

3 Ledmanes Street, Room 210
Phone: +371 67185326

Acquired qualification

Mechatronic systems technician

Education prerequisites

Basic education, 9 classes

Language of instruction


Program implementation form

Full-time day department

Duration of studies

4 years

The document to certify the acquired education

Diploma of the secondary vocational education

Job description

Mechatronic system technicians work in production and service organizations, perform individual tasks in connection with automated and computerized technological processes maintenance, equipment installation and adjustment, detection and preventions of defects, program input in PLC (programmable logical controllers).
They independently organize work, deal with technical documentation and construction materials, perform the necessary part processing, production technological processes and joint installation.
They also perform electrical drive and equipment control electrical circuit installation and adjustment.
Mechatronics comprises four branches, i.e. mechanics, electronics, information technologies and automation.

Specific skills in the profession

- To perform installation, repair and adjustment activities in an automated system;
- To detect and prevent defects an automated system;
- To perform an automated system operation control and ensure technological product quality;
- To maintain technology in hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic equipment with the integration of information technologies in accordance with  the manual and specifications;
- To perform electrical installation activities in a mechatronic system;
- To perform electronic control circuit, block and equipment installation and adjustment;
- To perform mechanism installation activities;
- To conduct the check up of a mechatronic system and final adjustment after installation;
- To input programs to logical controllers;
- To maintain CNC machines

Further education in the specialty


Special requirements in the specialty