Extracurricular Activities and Rest

There are eight amateur clubs working at college alongside with studies and sport activities:

at 16 Braslas Street

Youth dance band Jancis managed by Aija Sradere (since 1995);
Mixed choir Mits, conductor Aija  Auzina (since 2000);
Youth theatre studio (since 1994);
Boys’, girls’ and mixed vocal bands managed by Aija  Auzina (since 2000);

at 3 Ledmanes street

Youth dance band Mazais Ritenitis managed by Ilze Mazane (since 1983);
Brass instrumental band, conductor Janis Purins (since 2010).

Since their foundation all bands and choirs have participated in college and state events, in concerts abroad as well as in all pupils’ and adults’ Song and Dance Festival.
Dance bands Mazais Ritenitis, Jancis, mixed choir Mits, vocal bands and theatre studio have been taking part in Republic vocational education institutions event Craftsmen Festival for ten years.
In the nominations Singing Craftsmen and Dancing Craftsmen vocal bands, mixed choir Mits and dancing band Mazais Ritenitis have become honourable laureates. Theatre studio and dance band Jancis have also got distinguished  achievements in these events.
In performances and competitions to participate in Latvian Song and Dance Festival, both dance bands and the mixed choir always get good results- 1st and 2nd degree laureate diplomas and become Festival participants.
All bands regularly take part in spring market fairs in Riga Open-air Museum, impress their audience with singing and dancing skills in Fishermen’s Festival, have stage performances and concerts in Liepaja, Ventspils, Apgulde, Aizkraukle, Daugavpils and other Latvian towns and areas. Vocal bands and the choir have participated in the events of the Ministry of Education and Science, international youth (AVARD) events and in solo concerts in AVE SOL concert hall together with the composer Valdis Zilvers.
Mixed choir  Mits in cooperation with dance band Jancis prepared a concert program for a tour around Slovak cities in 2008. Mixed choir Mits impressed its spectators with three big performances: Tobago  in 2007,  Lacplesis in 2009, Sister Carrie in 2011.
Dance bands Mazais Ritenitis, Jancis  and mixed choir Mits  were the participants of the 15th Baltic Students’ Song and Dance Festival GAUDEAMUS in Tartu, Estonia in 2006 and in the 16th festival in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2011.
Brass instrumental band was established because of students’ own initiative: „We want not only to study, but also to create art.” Six students came together and started practicing and in almost a year had their first achievements; they obtained first place in the finals of amateurs’ festival  Amatnieku svētki-2011. Conductor Janis Purins gladly agreed to help the boys to improve their skills.
All teams have great plans to participate in competitions, preparing for the Latvian Song and Dance Festival in 2013. Mixed choir Mits met high criteria of the competent panel of judges and were invited to participate in the international academic choir festival-competition in Pardubice, the Czech Republic in July 2012 (from 2.07. to 10.07.). Thus, the choir was preparing the repertoire to this event in addition to the Song and Dance Festival.
Pupils and students actively and with interest participate in all extracurricular activities since it is the opportunity to relax physically and spiritually after a tough study day, discuss the obtained information and generate new ideas.

Spring concert at RTC

Amateur clubs